Why Google+ won’t succeed

Recently I got an invitation to join beta of much talked Google+ social network. As there is much hype around it, obviously because current Google+ is invite only (and everyone wants to have what they wont), I was curious what is behind all this unrest.
First of all I need to mention that there is some kind of better approach from Google itself. Unlike previous attempts (Buzz, Wave)  this time every piece of Google fragmented services (from search, picasa, gtalk, docs etc.) fits together and for the person which uses vast majority of them this is a good place to share and socialize things.

But for the service to have a success there must be some unique features there, so it attracts more and more users, right? It’s not enough to have just another facebook and twitter with maybe sleeker interface and integrated services (today publish, like, tweet action is integrated to almost every major web out there anyway).

Ok so what do we have what others are missing. Hmmm…..ok circles, you can differentiate people you know into circles, so you avoid sharing your family meet ups with your colleagues and your wild parties with your business partners. But isn’t this possible with user groups in facebook where you can select whom you share what?

So what else? Sparks. You mention some topic you are interested in an you get continuous feed of related articles (it seems like google news is employed here). It’s not as with twitter where the news are already socialized (people chooses trending topics) this is syntetic (maybe it will evolve in something more with google+ button in search results but for now, no thank you) Hangout, I used video chat few times and I don’t think this will be the sweet spot. Everyone knows how it works everyone has plethora of options to video chat and it’s not unique so why move to something new?

Last but not least you need to have gmail account. Now you can say, everyone has one! No they don’t  here are the numbers from 2010:

1. Yahoo Mail : 72.8 million
2. Hotmail : 48.5 million
3. Gmail : 25.1 million
4. Inbox.com : 7.4 million
5. Me.com : 3.1 million
6. Outlook.com : 1.9 million

so if you want google+ go and get a gmail and google profile (yup you need it as well and you need to have it published to everyone)

Wrapping up:

Google+ is a good choice for people who are not already on Facebook. It’s also a good choice for those who use google apps (you know it’s just one more) and maybe it will serve it’s purpose for them.

For us who already have knowledge of how Facebook works, already following people on Twitter and don’t want to use gmail there’s no need to change anything.


Stop Windows Filtering Platform flooding and filling up your eventlog

If you have been administering Windows server you probably know that there are possibilities to audit every action of any process. That’s good, sometimes you need to know what the hell is going on with some active directory objects, services whatever BUT  on Windows Vista up, there is that Widows filtering platform (more details here) which allows any vendor to get to the path of network flow filter TCP/IP packets, access/deny some types of traffic etc. but this cause an enormous audit recording which you don’t want to happen. Off course you can disable object auditing in group policy but that also disables all other object action audits. (that’s bad) and here it comes auditpol.exe a helpful command line utility to selectively disable subcategories of object auditing. (that’s not possible from GUI)

auditpol /set /subcategory:”Filtering Platform Connection” /success:disable /failure:enable

and you are done with it. Your security log is now readable and in good shape.


Beautiful Windows 8 UI Introduced

Yesterday at allthingsd.com conference Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows and Windows live division and Julie Larson Green, VP for Windows Experience demoed new Metro UI style interface of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Metro UI is the user interface design firstly introduced on, now almost dead, platform Zune HD and on current Windows Phone 7.

Allthough this might be littlebit stressful information for corporate sphere as it seems like we’ve lost good old gui, it’s not true. Gui is still there and you should be able to switch between tablet optimized and keyboard and mouse optimized interface.

More reading incl. video